prizes_200Music4Macy is by design, a small-group concept. There are many organizations that offer singer/songwriter contests, but we’ve found them to be quite large and a bit too corporate. We are offering an opportunity not only to compete, but also to be mentored by professionals who will help with the development of your songs. In addition, we’re offering pertinent workshops and a chance to mingle with like-minded peers and industry consultants, all in an intimate setting that maximizes exposure for our contestants. So already, we believe that we’ve offered a chance for a winning day.


There will prizes awarded to the top three finishers of our Music4Macy contest. A GRAND PRIZE package will be awarded, as well as First Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up prize packages. We are fortunate that individual prizes are continuing to come in, so check back often to see what has been added.


Currently, our prize packages include…

  • Professional Studio Time – including an Engineer, a Producer, Mixing and Mastering
    • NOTE – we are working with our Industry Professionals to bring in at least one celebrity Executive Producer.
  • Equipment and Gift Certificates from Local and National music stores
  • Music, Voice and Songwriting Lessons
  • Subscriptions to professional organizations


As stated above, our Sponsors continue to offer additions to our prize packages, so be sure to re-visit our PRIZES page.