** Please see the  contest rules page for more specific information. **

What is the cost?

The cost to submit an entry is $25. This cost is non-refundable and proceeds benefit the foundation. You will receive a receipt from the foundation.

How many songs can I submit?

Contestants are asked to submit two original songs during the registration process.

What if there is more than one writer for a song?

Songs may have multiple co-writers, but only one name should be designated on the entry form.

How will I know if I advance to the competition?

You will be notified via email and advised of additional rules and the next steps to take.

Can a band enter?

No bands this year. This competition is focused on singer/songwriters. See the rules page for additional information about performance.

Can I submit an instrumental song?

Yes, instrumental songs can be submitted. They will be screened by our panel. Please remember however that the competition this year is focused on singer/songwriter.

Can I use an audio track?

No. Your performance must be live, so no audio tracks are allowed.

Can I bring an accompanist?

Yes. A single person (total of 2 performers) may appear on stage.

Can I submit a video?

Videos are welcome, but the juding is focused on song content and not performance.

What audio format should I submit?

mp3 (prefered), mp4 and .mov are allowed.

Are meals included during the competition?

Yes, lunch and dinner will be provided.

Can I attend the workshops if I am not a finalist?

There will be limited seating available at the workshops for people with submissions but are not in the final competition. This will be on a first come, first serve basis until seats are filled. There will be an additional small fee for those not in the final competition.