The Rules:

This contest is, at its heart, meant to be a celebration of the life of Macy Easom and her love of music. It is in this spirit that we have decided on a ‘singer/songwriter’ format.

We wish to give amateur and aspiring artists the opportunity to perform their creations in an environment that will educate and uplift them and give them an opportunity to mingle with the music industry professionals. Rules must be conveyed to set the framework, but it is not our intention to cover every eventuality with our stated rules. When in doubt, please refer back to the opening statement.

Entry Fee:

Entry fee is $25 to be paid at the time of submission. This is a non-refundable fee that will go directly to the M4M fund, the proceeds of which will benefit the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation.You will receive a receipt from the foundation.


Each contest is asked to submit two original songs via upload at the time of registration.

Contestants reserve all right to their songs; there is no explicit or implied transfer of ownership, though M4M retains the right to use any entry in future advertisement, with the consent of the the singer/songwriter.

All entries submitted must be original songs and cannot infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties. Songs may have multiple co-writiers, but on one name should be designated on the entry form.

Entrants may not enter any song that is owned, wholly or partly, by any major label publishing company.

This contest is meant to be an amateur contest, so the entrant cannot be signed or have any affiliation with a major label record company or any of its affiliates.

Entrants who are on independent labels, their own label, or no label are eligible to enter.


Should a contestant advance to the next round of competition, they will be advised of additional rules concerning their performance. However, to allow you to prepare, we include the following:

Performance is limited to a maximum of two people, one of whom should be the songwriter.

All music must be live – no effects (i.e.,looping, pedals, etc.), amps, or prerecorded tracks are allowed.

Vocal mics, direct input plugins for guitars & keyboards, & instrument mics are provided.

No full drum kits – only scaled down or hand-held percussion.

Again, additional information will be provided should a contestant move to the next round. Thank you for your kind attention to these rules and the spirit they represent.