Macy EasomTen years ago on June 9th 2005 at the tender age of five, Macy Michelle Easom lost her battle with the beast we call cancer; specifically hepatoblastoma – a rare and mostly non-researched disease, at the time. As Lisa Easom Howard was relating some of the stories of her treatment to me, she mentioned that Macy loved to ride home from her treatments in “Aunt Lisa’s Mustang”, with the Kenny Chesney blaring and the wind blowing through her thinning hair. Macy Easom loved music.


Flash forward to 2014 and Lisa’s desire to create a new event to benefit the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation that would honor Macy’s life and raise awareness of hepatoblastoma and pediatric cancers in general. Remembering the story of the Mustang rides, we came up with Music4Macy.


M4M is a celebration of the life of Macy Easom and her love of music. It is a competition but more than that, it is an educational endeavor that allows aspiring and amateur artists to hone their craft in a safe environment with mentors that genuinely care for their growth as artists. Finally, Music4Macy is an opportunity to raise awareness and resources to forward the goals of the Macy Easom Cancer Research Foundation.


We invite you to join us!

Whether as a competitor, a guest at our evening event, a corporate sponsor or a contributor, we invite you to join our Music4Macy family and help us celebrate a life, enjoy an evening out and help us as we work to save the lives of children so the music won’t have to stop for them….as it did for Macy.


Meet the Music4Macy executive team.